Four Blood Moons

Is the end of the world as we know it and the return of Jesus Christ really knocking on our door?
A rare cycle of solar and lunar eclipses that will begin this year at the time of God’s holy days cited in the Bible is about to wake up millions to the possibility that end-time prophecies could be fulfilled imminently.
Four Blood Moons are going to appear soon:
April 15, 2014 – Passover Week
October 8, 2014 – Feast of the Tabernacles
April 4, 2015 – Passover Week
September 28, 2015 – Feast of the Tabernacles
This has happened only eight times over the last 2,000 years!
It’s not a question of if these signs will occur. It’s not even a question of when they will occur. About that there is no doubt. The only questions that remain to be answered are: what they mean – and whether they are biblical warnings of things to come for the world and for God’s people.
This video is a good lead in to the endtimes, Revelations, rapture, etc.

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