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Find your Destiny: How to know God’s will for your life!

Wondering how you can know God’s will for your life? You can find your destiny!

God created each of us for a specific destiny and life calling while at the same time He has a universal destiny for us as Christians as well.

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We are His workmanship and His handiwork. While our universal goal is to lead people into the Father’s embrace and help them see the goodness of God, you are uniquely different from everyone else as well.

Using your personality, your skills, your gifts, and your values, you can kind of tell what purpose you were specifically destined for. The key is for you to move forward. If you don’t move forward toward something, God can’t really steer you toward His destiny for you.

A lot of the time the things that are effortless for you that you do with a lot of joy are really the things that God has called you to. Sometimes we think it’s too easy so we disvalue it’s importance while it’s really the will of God.

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