How Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear: We Have Freedom In Christ!

How Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear: We Have Freedom In Christ!

Start living in the freedom in Christ and see how His perfect love casts out all fear! You can live in complete freedom from all fear.

On the cross, Christ broke all the curses that have kept people living in a world of fear. He conquered death hell and the grave, which makes us more then conquerors in our love relationship with Him. It is through love that you find the freedom to live out your life without being encumbered with fear!

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Fears are really false things that are masquerading as something fearful. Once you see things from God’s point of view, seated in heavenly places, those things are unveiled and revealed as something really small and not worth worrying about. And seeing things from God’s point of view only comes from a love relationship with Him. As you spend time with Him, you start seeing things the way He sees them.

Start focusing on Him and see your fear dissolve into nothing!

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