Iran is Top Issue as Obama and Netanyahu Meet (Second Coming Watch Update #31)

Released: March 4, 2012 By: Daniel Whyte III

Iran is top issue as Obama and Netanyahu meet. According to The Associated Press, peace talks with the Palestinians dominated President Barack Obama's meeting last year with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but will barely warrant a mention at their White House session on Monday or in speeches to a powerful pro-Israeli lobby. Iran is now the issue commanding urgent attention. The United States, Israel and much of the world are trying to figure out how to deal with Iran and its nuclear program. While all sides insist a resolution to the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict is critical to Israel's security, the Israelis have come to believe that Iran may be on the threshold of developing atomic weapons and is the primary existential threat to the Jewish state.

38 people dead as storms and tornadoes strike American south and midwest. According to the Associated Press, across the South and Midwest, survivors emerged to find blue sky and splinters where homes once stood, cars flung into buildings and communications crippled after dozens of tornadoes chainsawed through a region of millions, leveling small towns along the way. At least 38 people were killed in five states, but a 2-year-old girl was somehow found alive and alone in a field near her Indiana home. Her family did not survive...

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