Dale Hembrow - Open The Floodgates

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"Open The Floodgates" Music Video

Additional footage courtesy of Christ For All Nations Ministries (http://au.cfan.org) and Jesus Culture (http://www.JesusCulture.com)


Belinda McCulloch: Director/Producer/Editor

Maat Boyd: Director of Photography/Camera Operator
Clare Hembrow: Catering/Logistics
Amy Nhan: Lead Actor
Extras: Nicole Hart/Haylie Bamber/Elliot Fitzgerald/Dale Hembrow/Clare Hembrow/Belinda McCulloch
Dale Hembrow: Producer/Executive Producer

Song Recording: "Open The Floodgates" performed by Dale Hembrow, written by Nhan/Hembrow/Gaudion/Kocaj, produced by Phil Gaudion/Dale Hembrow, mixed by Daniel Kelaart, mastered by Harris Newman

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