The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer

The voice of Jesus narrates these images of human suffering in today's world.
(ayoub &shoemaker)

Album Notes
The Voice of the Nazarene: Seven Teachings of Christ," by Raymond Ayoub (ayoub and shoemaker Ltd.; abridged scripture; one CD; 56 minutes; $15; read by the author. The CD is available at: itunes, amazon & CD Baby.

This lovingly produced CD offers episodes from the life of Jesus as well as the instruction promised in the title.

The story of the Word made flesh fittingly opens with "In the beginning was the Word..." and carries us through a few highlights of the Christ's life before giving His guidance on such matters as anger and asking, law and love. The Sermon on the Mount, the Lord's Prayer and the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes receive a lush and reverent recital.

Producer/narrator Raymond Ayoub adapted his script from several versions of the New Testament, including the King James, The Living Bible and The New American Standard Bible.

The result is a warmly accessible presentation of key tenets of the Christian faith, rendered as if in the voice of Jesus Himself. Ayoub's profoundly tender reading uncovers fresh levels of meaning in these ancient words. His rich vocal quality and expert pacing give unexpected drama and tension to his well-constructed narrative, set up as "Seven Scriptures" and "Seven Teachings," with individual titles and chapter stops set up for listeners to easily return to favorite passages.