Tree of Life 7 - Have You Found It ? - Part 3

Tree of Life 7 - Have You Found It ? - Part 3

Luke 13:1-9

Where is the good ground? That is where we have missed the mark. In the Vineyard there are wild grapes. There are also fig trees in the vineyard, and fig trees without any fruit.

Everyone is in the vineyard. Some bear fruit and some don't. What ever you believe, you should go out and live it. Many people believe they have found the good ground. When they believe they know it all they don't have to experience anything. They live in a plastic world.

But the good ground is hidden. Once you find it you must get yourself in order so you can buy all of it. There is one purpose in the vineyard. There is one lost, when they are brought in do you rejoice? All are in the vineyard for one purpose. To point them to the Cross of Christ.

Bishop Jack Wisor