Psalm 74 excerpts

This could be used as shown for offering or other transitions; or without sound while words guide vocal reading.

Insight: The earth and heavens are featured in this interlude video, using words from a psalm in which the psalm writer pleads for God not to abandon his people during a time of torment. The psalm pauses in the verses selected to reflect on God's glory. At the line about not knowing how it will all end (which referred to the passing troubles) an image appears that is not to represent destruction, but power. On April 25, 2008, NASA's Swift satellite picked up this record-setting flare from a star known as EV Lacertae. This flare was the brightest flare ever seen from a star other than the sun. Like ancient people, in times of trouble we still have a timeless yearning to see God unleash his power in a way we desire. But the psalm suggests that we already have proof enough that God is there, to enable our faith.

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