I Need a Healer

I never expected God to save me. Nick became the young man that every parent wants to see their child become. Nick was saved by God's grace, love and mercy just 3 months before he left this world. Although he was an inspiration to those who knew him; his kindness, work ethic and fun loving spirit... in his last months; God laid me on his heart. Here is the last text that I ever received from Nick...: "April and I are getting baptized next Sunday and our church is praying for you; we love you and you can start denying yourself and get back to Gods plan for you, it's never too late."... It didn't even register in my mind, (at the time) that Nick had just told me he had been saved... I had lost my way and my feet had taken me places I never dreamed that I'd find myself. After Nick's death in an auto accident, I had a choice to make; self-destruction or surrender my life into the hands of our Savior Jesus Christ. I chose the latter; or should I say... the Holy Spirit reached out to me and drew me to the Heavenly Father through Christ. Now, Jesus has changed my life and my family's forever.. He paid a debt that I never could and has brought Hope and Healing beyond what I could have ever of expected. See ya in Heaven Nikki-boy and thanks for your prayers and all the great memories we will all cherish for the rest of our days.

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