Just Once (Original) (Slide Show)

My Dad accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour a few years before passing away, that I am truly greatful for. He is no longer suffering and in the arms of Jesus. My dad use to bring flowers to those after performing on stage and I never got that chance. It's too late for me, and this song was birthed from the hurt in my heart. However I'm an overcomer and Victorious in my Lord Jesus Christ and didn't stay down long! My Lord always lifts me back up! I had to sing my hurt out in order to be healed!!! Words and music by Linda Conn ©. I so appreciate my church Brantford Worship Centre who has been there for me. Thanks to my Lord bringing them in my path I have come a long way from where I was!! God has provided others as well as mentors and will never forget you all for putting up with me!!!

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