Lost Pages Spoken Word- Deliverance from homosexuality (@Eagletalk101 @Firstladyeagle8)

This is my testimony on how God delivered me from Homosexuality...(the picture are used only for description no copyright infringement intended)

Lyrics to Lost pages:

My life is written in a book with many pains and joys.
The pen like the abstract of a little girl on the fast track.
The day I was born the clock started ticking.
Pen leaking ink on the pad like my soul bleeding on the paper.
Age 2 anonymous person had the nerve to rape her.
First lost page of the inner rage heart locked up like an animal in a cage.
Two barrettes and two dookie braids.
Innocent yet now scarred.
A little girl numb to the word like gauze.
Growing up like a sapling tree with no support.
The enemy ravaged her with little effort
. Family there but not really present.
So much pain hiding behind pigtails and childish hopscotch.
Rejection and abandonment shaped her lot.

Eight years later has anybody seen her?
God searching to redeem her.

Buried in pain so deep she became a sex fiender.
But she only does it because she hurts.
Never felt real love now that's what's worse.
Living her life in sin her life was under a curse.
Twenty four seven feeling like she's riding in a hearse.
Through of that she maintained her frame.
Acted tough in the good times, in the bad times she played the game.
Searching for love where there was none all covered in disgrace and shame.

Is there any hope for a woman that grew up in a dysfunctional home?

For complete lyrics check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUPKeVBRvvQ

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