Ishah Wright's Music Video 2012: All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name

Ishah Wright is co-host now on Global Community Impact (and for the past 4 months so far) on this God Tube's Salem Communication's WTLN out of the Orlando, FL, USA (Walt Disney World Resorts and TBN's Holy Land Experience) Area. This is the same Ishah Wright who ran for office. This is her new look and contemporary yet decent and godly music video for her #1 song in popularity on TOP vendor for all time in a specific category recently and at the time of this posting. Ishah did this offer it to you here also for your Children's church, youth group, party, gospel event, Sunday school, at home (or in the car) sing-a-long for you and your family, and more! Ishah's goal with this song is to preserve the beauty of this traditional hymn by wrapping such in this modern style video! This is a new official website of the real Movie Actress/Recording Artist, now also Christian Recording Artist and Co-Host Ishah Wright aka Laurah Guillen. Ishah says only view/listen to decent products!

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