Juliana's Story: A Story of Love - A Ministry in Indonesia inspired by FEBC broadcasts


Several days every week, Juliana carefully picks her way through the mud-covered, winding alleys of the miles-square trash dump. The stench is overwhelming. Makeshift shelters of tin and plastic stand beside piles of assorted refuse. Angry shouts mingle with the keening cries of hungry infants.

But Juliana eagerly embraces nearly everyone she meets. For the last seven years, she has ventured into this inhospitable place to share the love of Christ as part of Far East Broadcasting Company [FEBC]'s field ministry to the people of Indonesia.

The Lord said, "Deliver the message of my love to the people that I have chosen. I have chosen you." Then I read in Joshua that the Lord said, "Everywhere you step will become yours." So I said to the Lord, "If you want to use me to share your love with these people, I will."

As followers of Christ, we share Juliana's calling. In Matthew 25, Jesus shared a parable about loving the least, the lost, and the forgotten of the wor

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