394 Teaching the promise of God

Num 23:19 "God is not a human who lies or a mortal who changes his mind. When he says something, he will do it; when he makes a promise, he will fulfill it.
This is what the main focus of the Beth Goyim messianic Congregation is. Showing how what Yehovah said yesterday in Scripture is still applicable in our lives today. How He gave us, not just the Jewish people but those Gentiles who desire to follow the way the truth and the life also a wonderful promise. This promise we will learn about in this message.
In section 1: THE KING OF KING NEVER CHANGES we look at how steady and committed the king of kings is to His word. In section 2: KNOWLEDGE IS LIFE IF YOU LIVE FOR THE TRUTH. How the word of Yehovah is a lamp to our feet on the slippery road called life. How this knowledge given by the scriptures is life to those who seek truth. In section 3: TEACH YOUR CHILDREN we will explore how 40 years ago we did not need metal detectors on our schools and now on the first day of the school ye

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