The PreBabel Language

What was the language God and the People He created used before they stopped building the Tower of Babel? It was during that construction of this tower, God confused the language of the people of one race and one language. He at the same time dispersed these people to all corners of the earth. Because of this, the Tower was left unfinished. From my investigation due mainly to the benefits of China's prehistorical records of creation of words in the forms of scripts, the name of old China as Shen zhou 神州 or God's land or God's Garden and the Life line each living thing must have called shen jing 神经 or God's bible/book or breath of God including the link created by Gong Yu Hai's discovery of Eden being located in China, as evidenced by ShanHaiJing an oldest China classic, I found the scripts 神福禄寿 I selected for this video have materials or information to unlock the meaning of the images or pictogram and ideographs in those scripts and then in view of the strong evidence or coincidence to

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