Two Masters

Words and Music by Jim Hughes

From fire and brimstone to churches all doctrinated up
Seems that everywhere you’re lookin’ there’s Christians all messed up
Well I’ve got the solution, to religious pollution
His Name is Christ Jesus, Yes, He came to free us

From all our diversions and traditional perversions
If we would only obey Him, and with our hearts receive Him
He’d make us new creatures and give us new features
To be molded in His image and fight back at the scrimmage

The lust for money is the root of all evil
You can’t serve two masters, you can’t please all the p-pill
If you wanna rob the poor and give to the rich
I don’t have to give a cent to your golden calf project

God won’t wait much longer as His people die from hunger
They’re cryin’ out for mercy but you can’t hear no longer
For judgment must begin in the house of the Lord
Where do sinners stand if we just make it thru the door

I’m really tryin’ to tell you, I’m really tryin’ to warn you
But you won’t listen to someone who’s below you
But now it’s come between push and shove
I’m cryin’ out for mercy, I’m cryin’ out for love

I bring you this message, He’ll never forsake us
If you’d only listen, you wouldn’t put up such a fuss
I’ve told you these things, it will come to pass
If it can be shaken, it surely will not last

Copyright © 1996 Jim Hughes / © 2012 Tree Number 3

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