A Harvard Doctor’s Experience With Death and Afterlife - Watch What He Says About Heaven!

Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexandar was a man of science and never believed in near-death experiences and the afterlife...until it happened to him. After a seven day coma, his encounter with Heaven was one he could not keep to himself. Now a devout Christian, he has no doubts about his faith in Jesus! You've got to hear what he has to say about proof of God's existence!

For those doubting his faith, here is an excerpt from his book "Although I considered myself a faithful Christian, I was so more in name than in actual belief. I didn’t begrudge those who wanted to believe that Jesus was more than simply a good man who had suffered at the hands of the world. I sympathized deeply with those who wanted to believe that there was a God somewhere out there who loved us unconditionally. In fact, I envied such people the security that those beliefs no doubt provided. But as a scientist, I simply knew better than to believe them myself."

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