Servants, Arise!... The Kingdom of Men is Finished! - ~ Servants, Arise!... The Kingdom of Men is Finished! The Kingdom of The Lord and His Christ is at Hand! - Volume 7 - TEXT: 5/16/07 From God The Father and Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear [Timothy] All partitions are torn down, the curtain has been rent in two... The way is open! HalleluYah! There is much work remaining, though the work of salvation was complete on the cross. For we must now arise and sing, yea shout The Lord's proclamation, the coming of The Lord of Hosts. For by Him, shall all that which remains unfinished come to a quick end. For the power of sin is defeated, death is overcome. Yet sin remains in the world, and has become an overflowing scourge among the nations, devouring them. [God The Father] Lo, The Holy One of God, The Mighty and Strong One, comes to separate and gather. The Thief comes to spoil the house of the strong man, the one called evil. And He, even He, The Holy One of God, shall not leave even one in whom He sees of Himself... All these shall be gone from this place. Then one week. Behold the power and glory of The Lord! The face of your Redeemer turned roaring Lion! He has come to purify the house And cleanse it of all its fornications against God! He shall roar! He shall shout with the voice of The Almighty! Yea, the glory of The Lord shall destroy and sanctify!... Lo, sin and wickedness Shall come to naught in that day.

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