Christ's True Church is One and Visible

Christ's Catholic Church is one and visible. The word Catholic even means "Universal". As protestants, they have their own churches. Some of these groups are Lutherans, Seventh Day Adventists, Pentecostal, United Church of God, etc. There was a recent study saying there's over 30,000 protestant denominations today, but they all claim to be the Biblical Christians. How can they be certain of their teachings and doctrines if there are different interpretations of that very same scripture? Did you know your church was started by some man or woman? Any of your churches has a date when it was started. Seventh Day Adventist was started by Ellen White. United Church of God was started by Herbert Armstrong. But Christ said he was going to start his church in roughly 33 a.d. This was interesting to me as a protestant. So, did Jesus really create more than one church? We'll look into that.

The church is one, and Christ said it will be here until the end of the age. Take a look at this consistent timeline:

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Written by Phil, a former protestant of 30 years.

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