To hear your voice (Escucharte hablar)

"To hear your voice" es una adaptación al inglés de la canción "Escucharte hablar" de Marcos Witt.
"To hear your voice" is an adaptation into english of the song "Escucharte hablar" of Marcos Witt.
Lyrics by: Danny Hernández.
Glorify THE LORD only, Amen. @Dannyherco

TO HEAR YOUR VOICE [By Danny Hernández]

I want to hear your sweet voice
Breaking all silence in me
I know I would tremble or I would laugh
I would cry like a child in awe
I would fall face down at your feet

And I could not be still before you
Hearing your voice
Without cry like children
And I would spend time all time like this
Whishing no other thing
Nothing else than to hear your voice.

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