What Are the Beliefs of Islam 02 Mohammed and the Koran

Yesterday we introduced Mohammed and the Koran. Today we pick back up talking about the Koran. Koran comes from an Arabic word for recite. Muslims argue that the Arabic of the Koran is so beautiful it must have been written by Allah. In fact they also argue that the Arabic is so beautiful that the Koran really cannot be translated.
During this series I am using the Abdullah Yusuf Ali Translation. The reason I am using this particular English translation is that it is the most often recommended translation of the Koran.
Yusuf Ali is a Muslim apologist and took some liberties to cover up some obvious difficulties in the Koran. One clear problem is that the Koran teaches that the Christian Trinity is Father, Son and mother (Surah 5:73-75,116). Obviously, this is a massive error. Nobody…and I mean nobody in Christianity believes in the Koranic version of the Trinity. According to every single Bible believing Christian on the planet, the Trinity is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
To complicate matters, the Koran also teaches that the three parts of the Trinity are all separate gods (Surah 4:171-172, 5:72-74). The Bible clearly teaches that there is only one God. The Trinity is three persons, one God.
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