Born Again - Paris Fisher

Based on true stories, Born Again presents lives that were torn apart by addiction, lust, and promiscuity, but were transformed by the miraculous Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This redemption story is one of several "music movie videos" that Paris Fisher will release that is expected to touch lives and transform souls. The single was written by Paris Fisher, accompanied by the soulful singing of Project Peace, and produced by Izzy Productions. Directed and scripted by Paris and Co-Directed by Shortterm Media, this heartful song and video is a love letter inspired by God, and is addressed to every soul that has an ear to hear, who seeks liberty, and desires a Born Again Life.

Please share this with those in need of Hope, Love, and Deliverance, and allow the Spirit of God to impact lives..!

To support this global mission, please download your copy of the oringal "Born" song at:

Executive Producer, Writer, and Director: Paris Fisher for POAM Media and Music
Video Director/Producer: Edgar Cruz for Shortterm Media
Music Producer: Ismael Debrito for Izzy Productions
Guest Vocal Features: Project Peace
Mixed and Mastered by: Kenny Lewis for Mixed Emotions

(See video for full music, cast, and production credits)

All rights Reserved 2012. POAM MEDIA & Paris Fisher
C/o POAM Enterprises 2012.

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