To The Nation, Once Called of itself "Under God

...excerpt "And they shall kill you and burn you with fire, and tear down all your tall towers! And you shall raise your hand, in great anger and haste, and repay them double! Says The Lord of Hosts. For as you are given up, so shall they be given to you for retribution. Even double shall you afflict them, even double shall they receive at your hand!... A strong wind and a dark storm, a great whirlwind shall you be in your vengeance!

Yet the end is not yet...

For you have those among you,

Who I know and see of Myself in them...
I must take them, I shall surely deliver them.
Then you shall fall, oh mighty nation, and great shall be your falling! For then shall arise one whom you shall fear, and all who feared you shall fear him; and those who served you, you shall serve. And you will not be satisfied, and you will grumble and not sit still, but in false hope you shall rise up and meet your end... Plucked up and put underfoot, by him who is called wickedness and lying.

Churches, hear The Word of The Lord: You also refuse to hear, nor do you listen to what The Lord speaks to His flocks, therefore cup your ears and give heed. Churches of men, listen to what The Lord your God says, and give heed!...

You have all gone your own way and corrupted My Word, for your own glory!"

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