A Prayer For Troubled Times

O Lord, hear my cry pouring out from a troubled heart.
The sorrow which clutches at my soul has driven me to you - my protector, my True Friend in time of need.
You know, my God, all my failings, all of my faults and all of my sins, as well as the torment gripping my soul.
My greatest sorrow is for my disobedience of your holy commandments in the past, and I sincerely hope that you will grant me the grace to change.
O my Savior, hide not your face from me in this tribulation, but let the light of your mercy shine upon me that I may be blessed by your love.
Please lighten this burden that is on me, yet if it is means towards my salvation, help me, help me O Lord, to manage this situation for alone I can do nothing.
Radiate Your love upon me - I am your child O Lord, I am at your door seeking your presence. I am seeking your intervention Lord Jesus Christ, and with a found faith, I truly believe that you will receive me in Your limitless Love and Mercy. Amen

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