The modern world this face a great challenge, two forces are at work among men on one side those fighting drug use, and on the other hand, the spread subtly encouraging the use of drugs.

In a hedonistic society that lives by the pursuit of carnal pleasure and immediate, many do not think twice about trying drugs because their use gives an instant pleasure and satisfaction, not worrying about the consequences that will come upon them soon.

The challenge for educators is to show society that the drug is pleasurable, but it is not good, because it destroys the user's life and family.

Our group sought to address this issue due to its actuality, becoming one of the most serious health problems of police and the modern world.

The drugs are not respected no boundary political, ideological, economic or religious. Countries of ideology as the most diverse: secular, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, all without exception are being hit by the plague of drug use, the phenomenon of "urban zombies" this spreading around the world.

Recently had a story on American TV, the deplorable situation of drug users in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. People living in ruined building, doing drugs with opium and heroin, all crammed amidst much rubbish, dark, skinny and looking lost, out of touch.

Information about this drug everywhere, everywhere, by all means, but it seems that young people, the main victims of drugs, do not believe anything he can not try.

The weakening of family ties an

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