From the Pastor's Desk - The Long Ranger

From the Pastor's Desk - The Long Ranger

Q. Have You ever been confused and believed a non-truth? A lie?
A. I know I have many times - both non-truths and plain ole lies!

I remember as a little boy I just knew the "LONE Ranger" was really called the "LONG Ranger"! I argued with my mom until she showed me a coloring book with the truth. We need to go back to the BOOK for the truth - AMEN!

God is not a man that lies - Numbers 23:19
God can't lie - Titus 1:2
Impossible for God to lie - Hebrews 6:18

Q. Do we really know where we are going? What we are doing? Why we are doing what we are doing? Could we believe a lie?

John 14:6 - Jesus must be our source
John 18:37 - Hearing what?
John 8:31-32, & 37 Freedom by the Truth

Remember God's Word Will Change Your Life

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