Free Syrian Army committing genocide against Christians (Second Coming Watch Update #180)

Released: July 31, 2012 By: Daniel Whyte III

Free Syrian Army committing genocide against Christians. According to Worthy News, the Syrian Army is sacking churches and issuing threats that all Christians will be cleansed from rebel-held territory. Bishop Philip Cos said, "The picture for us is utter desolation. Christian homes are severely damaged due to the fighting and completely emptied of their inhabitants, who fled without taking anything." Christians refused to back the rebels, so the rebels used them as human shields.

Earthquake strikes off Mexico's Pacific coast. According to Reuters, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck off Mexico's Pacific coast on Sunday. The quake was centered in the southern state of Chi-a-pas, close to the border with Guatemala and had a depth of 22 miles. Emergency services were checking the area but a spokesman said there were no reports of damage.

Chinese Christians face new detentions. According to ChinaAid, a house church in Western China that had taken legal action against local police for earlier persecution has been targeted again. Local police detained 17 believers on Sunday and confiscated church books. Earlier in July, Domestic Security Protection agents illegally entered the house of the pastor on the pretext of investigating an illegal meeting and took its projector, computer and other computer-related items. Authorities very rarely respond to legal action by Christians.

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