What Do The Roman Catholics Believe part 04 Papal Infallibility

http://youthapologeticstraining.com/what-do-the-roman-catholics-believe-04-papal-infallibility/ The Roman Catholic Church teaches that when the Pope speaks Ex Cathedra (from the seat) it is the words of God. Catholics refer to the Pope as the Vicar of Christ. This means he is the substitute of Christ on Earth. Should we believe in papal infallibility? Have previous Popes said or done things that eliminate them from being considered the substitute of Christ on Earth? Have Popes contradicted each other? Join us today and learn how to witness to your Catholic friends.

What are the seven sacraments and what are their roles in the Catholic Church? Do the Catholics worship Mary? What is Purgatory? Who is the Pope and is he infallible? What do Catholics believe about salvation and justification? Today we will start a new series that will introduce the doctrines of the Catholic Church. Before you try to witness to a Catholic, you may want to understand what they believe. Join us today as wecontinue talking about the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church.
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