Warning to America, We need to repent, now!! message by Jonathan Cahn

This is a video of Jonathan Cahn a pastor that gave this message at the Presidental Inaugural Prayer Breakfast on 1/21/2013. This video has been posted by others but I am posting on this site because it is in line with the message that I am hearing these days and there was a message encouraging others to share it (so I am). We as believers in Jesus Christ are the body of Christ. We might not all be manifesting Jesus Christ 100% at this time (by faith we believe for it!) but by God's grace we are moving in that direction and I pray quickly. Also, we may not agree with one another on every point but except in the case of those that are following a false messiah or are promoting a license to sin, we are to come together in unity, with love one for another. They will know we are Christians by our love one for another. This message is one of love because it warns of the consequences of a nation that turns it's back on God. This message exhorts to turn to the Lord and forsake self which is what love is about. We are to love our enemies, pray for them, love those we come in contact with and share the light of Jesus Christ in our actions. Part of that love is also speaking the truth in love as led by the Holy Spirit, It is my belief that this message was delivered in the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit. I pray this message will bless you! We shouldn't fight against the government or anyone else but we can fight against the spiritual darkness.

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