God's Plan The Next Eight Years

God's Plan The Next Eight Years

You have heard us declare prophetically and put our word out again to the ends of the earth, and allowed the world to judge, and the Church to judge, we said in the great summer camp meeting that we are experiencing an immediacy as we rush the end of this year to step into a cycle of a supernatural 8 years beginning with 2013 to 2020.

This is a supernatural cycle! The Word of the living God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, for the life of ordinary people, will go to extraordinary measure. Not only will God, in those 8 years, promote you, elevate you, help you, instruct you, refine you, encourage you; but he will utilize you, and use you, to grab ahold of the invisible fiber of this nation and lift it up, outranking every other force that functions,or every other organization that operates...

lifting up America once again to become the spiritual bread basket to send the gospel to the ends of the world like it's never ever been heard or seen before!

You better get ready because you have never had an appointment with destiny as eminent, as powerful, and as immediate, as the one you have right now!

Dr. Christian Harfouche