Remember Billy Graham (1918-2018) in His Most Inspiring Quotes

Dan Mohler

Dan Mohler is a bible teacher who proclaims the true gospel. Many churches or Christian groups, like the one in this video, invite Dan to speak so he travels throughout the year to share the truth. Dan has a revelation of the importance of love and our relationship first of all with God but also with those around us. He explains how true believers in Jesus Christ can live holy and separate from this world yet can be compassionate,loving,kind and humble at the same time. We are just posting videos of Dan Mohler, we are not affiliated with his ministry but I have met Dan and spoke with him personally as well as attending several meetings. I can say that Dan has a genuine love for the Lord and for people in general. Dan Mohler travels around the country speaking in churches or wherever the Lord opens a door. He has had many miracles, healings, etc, follow him which is an evidence of the power of God working through him. He does not ask for money wherever he speaks and travels around where he is requested to speak. He's not into legalism but through a transformed life in Jesus Christ he receives holiness and victory over sin. He has a desire to see people come into the image of Jesus Christ and be set free from sin! He teaches that the foundation of true Christianity is ground in a relationship with Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. Christianity is a relationship with our God not a sterile, worldly, religious experience.

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