An Interview about "Headcovering Throughout Christian History"

An Interview about

Have you ever wondered why, just two or three generations ago, Christian women often wore some sort of covering on their heads while in church? -- And why men in church always took off their hats when it was time to pray?

Indeed, it is well-documented that throughout Church history the use of headcoverings (during times of prayer) has been the norm for Christian women. And the widespread practice for Christian men throughout history has been to remove their hats whenever the local church gathered for prayer.

Scripture itself provided for the longevity of these practices, both of which originate from the Apostle Paul's instructions in the book of First Corinthians. In Western society, these practices have greatly declined (and often ceased) only within the last century.

In this video we speak with David Phillips, the author of "Headcovering Throughout Church History" to speak about this very topic.