Society's Grudge- Judgement Day (acoustic)

An apologetics style song. Punk/Rockabilly
- The time that we have on this Earth is so short
- Like a rapidly fraying cable
-You can party it away eat, sleep, drink, and play
- Cause to stop death we sure aren't able
- So why waste a moment on anything else
- Than living every day to satisfy yourself
- I'll tell you why, cause then comes judgment day
- Whooa ooh judgment day

- Unfair you cry this is my life to live
- I don't owe no one nothin'
- I didn't choose to be born in this messed up world
- And if there's a god then he's disgusting
- You can't blame me for the poverty and war
- The hunger and the heartache and all that we endure
- So get off my back about your judgment day
-Whooa ooh judgment day

- I understand your perspective my friend
- But truly I beg to differ
- All the heartache in the world may not be your fault
- But that don't change what you owe your creator
- He's the one who gave you the very breath that you now use to curse Him
- And he expects you to reach out to those around you who are hurting
- And just because theres suffering, hypocrisy, and violence
- That won't render an excuse to make your life somehow more righteous
- No, that won't be an excuse on judgment day
- Whooa ooh judgment day

-Now I won't let the story end right there
- Cause the ending of our life doesn't need to be despair
- I can tell you my friend there's hope
- I can tell you my friend there's hope

- Well I'm sure you've heard His name before
- But let me share it just

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