Case for Native Missionaries

Native missionaries are those from the countries where they are ministering. (Ex. Chinese reaching Chinese; Indians reaching Indians) Native missionaries are more effective for many reasons. 1) They know the language. 2) They know the culture. 3) They have a passion to reach their own people. 4) They are financially efficient. Most only cost about $2,000 to fully support for one year. It would take me $3,000 just to get to Asia. 5) There is no need to get a Visa. 6) No time needed for fundraising. 7) God has called them. We need to realize that some are to go, some are to send and support, and all are to pray. Native missionaries do 90% of all pioneer evangelism and church planting in the world, yet they only recieve 10% of all missionary funding. God can still call who He wants, but in general native missionaries are going to be the ones to finish the task of the Great Commission. Prayerfully consider sponsoring a missionary for $30 a month, or request a speaker. Let's stop playing missions trips and focus on reaching the 2.7 billion who have never heard of Jesus Christ. WWW.GFA.ORG

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