Israel among top 10 most powerful nations (Second Coming Watch Update #467)

Israel among top 10 most powerful nations (Second Coming Watch Update #467)

Released: January 26, 2014 By: Daniel Whyte III

1. According to Israel National News, Israel, the tiny nation that defied history by coming back to life after 2,000 years of exile, is among the top 10 most powerful nations in the world according to a recent research study. Market Business News recently reported on the National Power Index, released by the Foundation for National Security Research, a New Delhi-based think tank. According to the research, Israel achieved a 32.19 NPI ranking, placing it tenth on the list of the world's most powerful countries.

2. According to the Associated Press, China said Friday it has begun issuing warnings to foreign military planes entering its self-declared air defense zone over the East China Sea amid heightened tensions with its neighbors, especially Japan. This week, the Japanese prime minister compared the tense relationship to the pre-World War I rivalry between Britain and Germany. Japanese officials say the comment was meant as a warning to avoid war.

3. According to USA Today, the Marine Corps is developing plans to establish a contingency force that will be based in the Middle East and be capable of responding to crises throughout the troubled region. The force is being planned as the United States reduces the size of its force in Afghanistan and has withdrawn combat forces from Iraq, shrinking its presence in a region plagued by violence and turmoil.

4. According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), Iran stepped up its