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Denying Yourself (Video Jam)

This video jam titled "Denying Yourself" comes from a sermon preached by Dr. Vincent G. Artese titled "Captivated but not Changed".

This is the story of how Paul stands before King Agrippa and gives a bold testimony of what the Lord has revealed to him. As he spoke the consciousness of all who heard him were awakened and each had a decision to make. Paul tells the story of his testimony. Of how he was living contrary to the will of God and covering it over with religion. Religion acts as an insulator and protector. It often fortifies the lies of the Devil. Paul took his religion to its extreme and became a zealot, persecuting anyone who opposed Judaism. Paul became self-sufficient and his religion turned him into a sinner because it kept him unchanged. We have to be fully awakened to the fact that it is a restored relationship with God that we need, not religion. It is only by faith in Christ that we can be saved. Many claim to be Christians but are doing many things contrary to the will of God. A person has to die to themselves in order to gain Christ. We must denounce our own disposition and place full dependency on Christ. King Agrippa heard the testimony of Paul but was unwilling to be changed. He did not want to conform his life to what God required. If we want to follow Christ we must deny ourselves.

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