Beyond Today Seminar: Why Were You Born? - Realize Your Life's Potential

This video was shown during the "Why Were You Born?" seminar on September 10, 2014 in Cincinnati.

Genuine Christianity is about transformation.
It's about giving everything you are in order to receive everything God will give to you!
You and I were born to embrace a new life, be reconciled to God the Father, accept a priceless gift that we cannot earn.
You and I were born to receive incredible, spiritual power from God described in the Bible as love, power and a sound mind.
You and I were born to be victorious!
To have the power to overcome the suffering and problems of this life. You and I were born to fulfill our original, eternal purpose - to be children forever in the Kingdom of God.
Take steps in your life now to realize your purpose and your potential!

Watch the archived seminar at:

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