Fruits Basket Can't Go On

This is a slideshow of random Fruits Basket pics I found on google

Anime: Fruits Basket

Song: Can't Go On

Artist: Group 1 Crew

I really love anime and manga and I saw this Fruits Basket Stand in the Rain youtube video so I decided to make a Fruits Basket video. After I finished making the video and after I already published it to my computer I realized THAT I DIDN'T INCLUDE RIN OR KURENO!!!!!!! *cries* Anyway, I have no idea if it's any good. Oh well! I HOPE YOU ENJOY MY VIDEO/SLIDESHOW!!!

DISCLAIMER!!!!! I am in no way related to/ associated with Fruits Basket, Group 1 Crew, or anything like that. I got the song from my family's WOW Hits 2007 Disc 2 CD. I also got the pics from google. That is all. Thank you for watching my video!!! ^_^

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