Some Problems with anti-Catholic Arguments (part 1)

Around Godtube - and the internet in general - you'll find a plethora of arguments against the Catholic Church. Now there are some good, reasonable arguments that should be dealt with, but in general most of them are just flawed in logic, truthfulness, or just plain understanding. To illustrate, I (anonymously) go through a short page of comments on a Catholic video on Godtube and try to illustrate all the flaws that pop up in just this small group of comments.

The final tally:

1 - Didn't attack what the Church really teaches - 5 times
2 - Person sets up a false dichotomy - 2 times
3 - People making arguments that would destory their own position - 2 times
4 - Misread Scripture/ Cut words out
5 - Taking one verse, ignoring others
6 - Contradicting the Scriptures to attack the Church
7 - Citing Scripture that has nothing to do with the issue
8 - Attacking the sins of people, not the doctrines
9 - Drawing false conclusions
10 - Draw focus from the issues by saying they don't matter
11 - Not looking at context (esp. OT)
13 - Equating different ideas
14 - Not citing evidence

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