Is there a God? By KeepsItReal

&quot;Is There A God?&quot;<br />
Lyrics by Joel I.A.<br />
<br />
<br />
Talking:<br />
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that feels pain<br />
Thee only who wakes up in the morning and the hurt remain<br />
I feel like the sadness is too strong I'm sorry to complain<br />
I feel like this heartache is going to last longer than stain<br />
<br />
Verse1:<br />
Is there a God? That sees me crying when I'm in the shower<br />
Lonely heart fights but for now I have my strength and power<br />
I'm not going to runaway and hide my feelings like a coward<br />
I could ask a lot of questions but it could take longer than an hour<br />
My hopes are lost and my will is just to fight though<br />
And I'm scared of the unknown and my fear become Vital<br />
Use to write that I don't fear anything, must of been a Typo!!<br />
But when all else fail, I'm suppose to have Faith in the Bible?<br />
Is there a God, that sees my slouch to the corner of the wall<br />
For crying out loud, my life has nothing to live for at all?<br />
Then you keep saying keep your head up and stand tall?<br />
What about the times I'm alone when no one's there to catch my fall?<br />
When I just keep falling to pieces, can't put back this puzzle<br />
While all those metaphors are sweet, I continue to struggle<br />
I'm lost in this world, the pain is the only thing that found me<br />
Where's my guardian Angel? just to put your arm around me! ! !<br />
<br />
<br />
Verse2:<br />
Is there a God? That sees me toss and turn, the Pain I've kept in<br />
How about the sleepless nights in my bed that I've slept in<br />
Hidden agendas to steer away from you just crept in,<br />
One answ

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