Young Children with AIDS

In this video you will see the true tragedy of the AIDS epidemic currently taking place on the African continent – the children. There are literally millions of children in Africa that are not only infected by the AIDS virus but have also been made orphans after the deaths of their parents. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the major portion of AIDS assistance (medicines, healthcare, etc.) is given to the adults of Africa. The children not only receive little, if any, health care but they are also left to fend for themselves on the streets.

The woman in charge of this AIDS home was taking care of 19 children, unassisted by their government. During a portion of the clip you will see her holding a beautiful little girl that was found dumped in a toilet by her mother. Near the end of the video you can watch as Brother Malvory Peffer leads a group of the children through the Wordless Book.

This is what Evangelism Training International is all about – reaching people for Christ, even if it means traveling half way around the world to do so. Please visit our web site for more information about the training, and missions, opportunities that we are involved in.

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