Skate Park Evangelism -- Castle Rock -- Stephanie & Kristie

After the sun went down on Friday night, the skate park started booming with people. There were skaters and bikers who came from all around the state to ride in Castle Rock. I wish I had found this out months ago, since I usually show up on Monday afternoons.

Stephanie, Kristie, and one of their friends were standing over with the guys on their BMX bikes, watching them pull some pretty sick tricks on the walls. I used one of the blue and pink optical illusion Bible tracts from to start a conversation with them and break the ice.

As we continued talking about spiritual matters, I could see the conviction in their eyes. As you watch the video, notice how both of the ladies are taking what is said seriously, and how their faces change. I hope that God reached out to them that night and saved their souls.

Pray for Stephanie and Kristie.

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