: Worshipping the One and Only...in the New Heaven and Earth

EVERYTHING NEW�means having a resplendent replacement for previous things. For followers of Christ, as His Bride, we are expectant that one day our guilt, shame, sin, struggle, heartache, pain, death & sorrow will not be revamped or reconstructed into something new�they will be completely, absolutely, and entirely done away with!!! We can�t wait! We cry, �Maranatha��Jesus, come! So until he appears, we anchor the reality of our hope into Jesus as the One reestablishing a new place of existence & fellowship with God. New things replace old ones. This old world has been broken for a long time, but soon it will be made new�the old will pass away and something amazingly new will be ushered in. Are you ready? Are you eager? Are you tired of wiping tears away? Are you ready for painless living? The new is about to happen!!!

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