1 of 8 - The Secret to a Worshipful Life - Billy Crone

Even though God's the same God and we're just as much His children as the great heroes of the faith were, today it seems that most Christians read the Bible in one hand and take a look at their life in the other saying, "Man, something's missing here. Something's not right. Why did those people get to have an amazing walk with God and here I am fumbling around in the dark?" Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way. The Secret To A Worshipful Life reveals how an amazing walk with the Lord really is available to every single Christian by making up our minds to worship God with all of our lives, including our lips. Here you'll discover four harmful side affects that a life of complaining produces in that Complaining Affects You, Complaining Affects Others, Complaining Affects the Gospel, and believe it or not, Complaining Affects God. So if you're tired of reading the Bible in one hand and looking at your life in the other saying, "I don't have a life worth living for. I've got a life worth giving up!" then please learn The Secret To A Worshipful Life and start being that Biblical hero today!

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