This is the first episode of KINGDOM HEARTS AMERICAN IDOL. I know some of the songs don't go that well with the characters. Anyways, enjoy and don't forget to vote 2 people off!

Opening song: Blaze by Kotani Kinya

Judges' song: I Can't Do This by Plumb

Contestant Introduction song: We Live by Superchick

Riku's song: In the Light by DC Talk

Kairi's song: Mirror by Barlow Girl

Sora's song: Free by Shawn McDonald

Roxas's song: Everything I Ever Wanted by Hawk Nelson

Namine's song: One More Round by Barlow Girl

Hayner's song: Burn for You (Shortwave Radio Remix) by Tobymac

Pence's song: All That I Am by The Afters

Olette's song: Grey by Barlow Girl

Ending song: 5 Minutes of Fame by Barlow Girl.


I am in no way associated or related to any of the Kingdom Hearts games, the anime the judges are from, or the music companies/artists whose songs were involved in this video. I got the pics from google and the music from CD's I own /CD's my family owns/ a song I have on Itunes.

Thank you for watching my video!

If you have any songs you would like to recommend, as long as they're Christian or NOT BAD Japanese songs, I am open to suggestions.

P.S. The deadline for voting has been post-pone to

Tuesday, July 1.

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