"Alive" - Pro-Life Music Video

"Alive" by Changing FaternrnLyrics:rnThe threat of harm is eminent rntheir slander is drawing neigh rntalking of my ruin rnwaiting for me to die rnrntheir robbed of any slumber rnuntil they prey upon my life rnand they won't sleep until they see the righteous fall rnrnChorusrnAnd I would understand if the enemy were near rnbut the one who waits for me to die rnis the one who should be holding me dear rncan't you see that I'm a life rnI am alivernrnMommy, I know that you can't see me nowrnbut I'm right here in this place rnmaybe you'd love me if you knew me rnoh I'd love to see your face rnrnBut the walls that once held warmth and the promise of rest rnnow victimized before I ever take a breathrnrnChorusrnrnLord give me a refuge for my soul within your arms rnhide me in the hallow of your hand rnand I will go there when the tempest pounds against my heart rnI have a place here in your wings where I can gornrnChorus

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