Quadraplegic/Diabetic + Amputee Healings! Doctor Verified!

The main part of this vid. is Bill/William Kent's powerful testimony of being supernaturally healed by elohim/God! He got up out of being in his wheelchair for 15 yrs!rnTo read his testimony, and for contact info. etc. go to:rnhttp://awesomepower.net/wkenttestimony.htmrnTo see MRI's, x-rays, and doctor verification for a person who had an amputee leg that is supernaturally growing out go to Carole's website:rnMRI's and X-rays etc. rnhttp://www.healingsandmiracles.org/reports.htmrnHer physicians:rnhttp://www.healingsandmiracles.org/physicians.htmrnCarole's Godtube video testimony, called, "God does heal amputees" go to:rnhttp://www.godtube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1645e20520f19dd30fd3rnrnHere's a Christian medically documented healing where this guy came back from the dead, read what his doctor says:rnhttp://www.leestoneking.com/My%20Miracle.htmrnrnTo read about the miracle of Calanda, where a person's amputated leg was supernaturally reattached and working, as evidenced by many witnesses, go to:rnhttp://www.clairval.com/lettres/en/2006/12/08/2061206.htmrn(note: this miracle has a Catholic background surrounding it. I do not support all these Catholic beliefs. Miracles happen to confirm that Yeshua/Jesus is real and He cares for us. Not to support a specific line of personal beliefs).rnrnMore medically documented miracles: http://www.geocities.com/meta_crock/other/Miracles2.htmrnrnMore tag words for search purposes:rn10 questions every intelligent Christian must answer 10 questions every Christian must have healing miracle miracles signs wonders glory amputee healed creative miracle amazing atheist richard dawkins dr dino venomfangx holy book bible God Jesus Yeshua bill william kent sid roth messianic vision documented healings doctor science technology supernatural paranormal Video Blog, Wisdom proven paraplegic

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