Poem for a New Baby

Welcoming a new life into the world!

Grace Andreacchi reads her poem 'The Day We Met', written for her daughter, Sarah. To read more by this author visit http://graceandreacchi.com
How you looked!/
out of small eyes still/
focused on eternity./
How you groped/
mouth hands mind/
open and shut/
not worried, seeking -sure to find./
You were so new!/
even your skin was new/
your hair brand-new/
Your voice - never heard before/
making a tiny piteous roar./
Hello Little Stranger!/
Welcome to the planet/
This is Earth; and this bright/
bold business newly done/
was your birth./

Copyright 2008 by Grace Andreacchi Hadas/
All photos are cc licensed at flickr.com/
Photo credits: babasteve, Robert Whitehead, Silent Observer, tostadaphoto.com, Glen Bowman, NASA

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