Experience TrueFaced - Osaze's story

http://www.TrueFaced.comrnrnThe Obligation To Make My Dad Look GoodrnrnIn the TrueFaced Experience Edition, I remember there's a part that says we tend to live in such a way as if it's our obligation to make God look good. Unfortunately, I began to feel it was my obligation to make my dad look good. I think the hard part when I started to don a mask would be when I realized that a lot of people outside my home had greater expectations of me than really any kid could match or meet. They would often think that because I was a pastor's child, I would automatically be self-sufficient at moral decisions. I would lead off with a question, "If my dad was a plumber, would you expect me to be proficient in any plumbing system that you'd throw my way?" It's unrealistic to think that as a teenager, I wouldn't make poor moral decisions, that I wouldn't make mistakes.rnrnI think when I first started donning a mask in my development, I started to live a dual life. In front of church, family, I would kinda just be there. Not really ask too many questions. Not really venture out unless someone previously showed an interest in me. I didn't ask for help that much. I think with my friends I wore the mask that, "I'm just like you."rnrnIt Takes A lot of Energy to HidernrnA key thing to remember about vulnerability is the devil will fight you tooth and nail to try to keep you in hiding. In Behind The Mask (the companion book to TrueFaced Experience Edition) it says that hiding is exhausting and draining. The devil knows that if you hide something or if someone else hides something it takes a lot of energy to hide. And if we only have a certain amount of energy to walk and move in this journey, if we expend so much energy on hiding we're not really able to mature or not able to grow, we're not able to trust, we're not able to love, we're not able to start bearing the fruit of the Spirit, because we're spending so much energy hiding and performing, that we're not just r

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