Pritchard Ministries

At Pritchard Ministries, our mission is to help families grow Christ-centered homes that will influence others to do the same.rnrnWe schedule one- or two-day seminars nationwide speaking to parents and couples about proven parenting and marriage techniques that result in happy, peaceful families living as God intended us to live.rnrnWe have eight children of our own and have been guardians for a dozen others. Early in our parenting years, we were constantly being approached by people who said things like, “your family is not normal… how do you do it?” We’d share our techniques, and they’d come back and say, “it’s working! You need to share this with the world.”rnrnWhile our family is far from perfect, the marriage and parenting techniques we’ve learned and implemented with God’s guidance are too good not to share!rnrnDavid &

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